About us

Pantarhei Oncology BV (PRO) is a subsidiary company of Pantarhei Bioscience BV and specialises in the development of patent protected innovative drugs for endocrine cancer including breast cancer, prostate cancer and ovarian cancer.

Prioritised projects are Estetrol and Zona Pellucida 

  • Estetrol is the foetal estrogen estetrol, suitable for oncological applications such as breast cancer and prostate cancer. All rights related to E4 have been sold by Pantarhei Bioscience to Mithra Pharmaceuticals in Liège, Belgium. Mithra develops the women’s health applications of E4 (i.e. hormonal contraception, menopausal hormone therapy), whereas PRO has licensed back the rights to develop the oncological applications. 
  • Zona Pellucida refers to a new treatment of (metastasised) ovarian cancer by immunisation against the specific ovarian antigen, Zona Pellucida, in a collaboration between PRO and HRA Pharma in Paris, France. PRO is developing immunological treatments for other ZP expressing tumours, i.e. prostate cancer.