Pantarhei Oncology

Pantarhei Oncology BV (PRO) is a Dutch biotechnology company focussing on the development of innovative concepts for hormone-related cancer treatment. PRO develops patent protected new treatment concepts up to proof-of-concept (PoC) in the human (phase II). At present PRO is involved in clinical studies in breast cancer and prostate cancer and in the preclinical development of a new immunotherapy for the treatment of cancer. PRO is a subsidiary company of Pantarhei Bioscience (PRB).

The business model of the Pantarhei companies is based on creating solid intellectual property (IP) of new concepts and inventions, in-house project management and outsourcing of all research and development activities. After successful PoC, data and IP are licensed out to a licensee or partner for completion of clinical development (phase III), regulatory approval and sales and marketing.